Wondering what category to enter?

You must select ONE of the five Excellence in Business categories to enter – Emerging, Small. Medium, Large or Not for Profit.

In addition you can also elect to be considered for one or more Excellence  Awards in Leadership, Environmental Sustainability, Community Contribution and Innovation.  Judges also reserve the right to nominate your business in one of these specialist categories when they are judging your entry.

The process will be weighted for small, medium and large businesses – not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This judging matrix puts all businesses on a level playing ground ensuring that bigger businesses do more and smaller businesses do not lose points for things that do not apply to them. In short, if you have two people in the business, your ability to provide answers to the questions will be different to that of a very large corporate business.

Still not sure where you sit? E-mail us and we can help: info@taupobusinessawards.co.nz

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Excellence in Business - Emerging

The Excellence in Emerging Business category is for new businesses that have been operating less than two years as at 30 June 2019 – regardless of the size or sector of the business.

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Excellence in Business - Small

Small businesses have one to five full-time employees (or equivalent) and include sole traders; any sector

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Excellence in Business - Medium

Medium businesses have six to fifteen full-time employees (or equivalent); any sector.

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Excellence in Business - Large

Large businesses have more than 16 full-time employees (or equivalent); any sector.

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Excellence in Business - Not for Profit

The Not-for-Profit category is open to all organisations who have legal charitable status or non-profit exemption from IRD - regardless of size or type. This category will examine the business structure of your not-for-profit business and will take into account the different challenges that face charitable entities. It will not be an assessment of who is the 'best' charity or who does the 'best' work in the community.

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Excellence in Innovation

Use & implementation of innovation & knowledge to enhance business excellence & performance.

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Excellence in Environmental Sustainability

Recognition of, communication of, and support of environmentally sustainable practices.

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Excellence in Community Contribution

Proactively involved & an ongoing supporter of the community in the wider Taupo region.

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Excellence in Leadership

Provision of leadership in the way the organisation is run, the way in which it seizes new opportunities and the way it deals with issues when they arise.

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Overall Business of the Year

All entrants will be considered for this supreme award regardless of category entered. This award recipient must be able to demonstrate excellence in all business areas.