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  1. complete the entry form below
  2. submit all the components of your entry by 5pm on Friday 31 May 2019.

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All of the following components of your entry must be included.  It is critical that each file is formatted and named as specified:

  • Separate PDF files for each section, answered in accordance with the guidelines. (Supporting evidence should be included in each section it applies to.)
    Name each PDF file, formatted as: Section number. Section title—Your business name; eg 1. Executive Summary—Blue Sky Pies
  • Financial viability statement from your accountant.
    Save as a PDF file, name as:  FS -Your business name; eg FS-Blue Sky Pies
  • 150 word summary (bio) of your business
    Save as a PDF file, name as: Bio-Your business name; eg Bio-Blue Sky Pies
  • Your business logo in either high resolution JPG or PNG  format.
    Name as: Logo-Your business name; eg Logo-Blue Sky Pies
  • 3 high resolution photos of your business in JPG format.
    Name as: Your business name #; eg Blue Sky Pies 1, Blue Sky Pies 2

Upload all of these files to Dropbox using this File Request link.

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